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What is a Sexual Atheist?

By Lisa Cherry Our faith should affect our decisions about with whom and when we will have sex. Wouldn’t you agree?  The Bible has plenty to say about this. But evidently, many Christians are acting like atheists in regard to their sexual behavior. According … [Read More...]


Meet Linda: A Transexual Friend Who Was Changed

By Lisa Cherry Can a homosexual person change? If you ask the LGBTQ ...they say no. If you ask many physicians and counselors....they may say no. And if you even ask some Christian leaders, they may say no! But is that what God says about these … [Read More...]



Guilty: I’ve Killed Communication with My Teens

By Lisa Cherry When Ron Luce’s post Top 10 Ways to Kill Communication with Your Teen hit my email inbox, it also hit my heart!!! Ron is the founder of Teen Mania Ministries, and he knows teens. I have been guilty of killing communication with my own … [Read More...]

Repair Shampoo

Full Repair??

  by Doug Cherry I showered this morning and did what millions of men across America will do today.  I picked up my wife's shampoo to use on my own hair.  As I looked at the name of the shampoo it inspired hope!  Could this shampoo really live up to … [Read More...]


10 Helps for When Dad and Mom Disagree

By Lisa Cherry If it was up to me, football tackling could be outlawed for my boys. If it was up to Doug, the girls might all wear the same wedding dress and just pass it down the line.  Parents don’t always see eye to eye.  With the multitude of … [Read More...]

Frontline Family Endorsed Covenant Eyes