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Doug and Lisa Cherry

Doug and Lisa have a heart to see families make the spiritual baton pass to the next generation and fulfill the calling of God that is on their lives. For this reason, they founded Frontline Family Ministries Inc. in 1998. Doug completed his masters degree at Oral Roberts University in 2000 and made a career expansion. Together with all their 10 children and now son and daughter-in-law  and their growing numbers of descendants, they lead the various Frontline Ministries including Pastoring Victory Dream Center (pioneered in 1998), REALITY Youth Center, POTTS (Parents of Teens and Tweens), and Frontline Families Resources. As a business man and CPA, Doug also founded Doug Cherry Financial Services, a financial planning and investment business out of Carbondale, Illinois. Joyfully married for over 32 years, Doug and Lisa know what it is like to navigate a family through both smooth sailing waters and troubled dangerous storms. Their sensitivity, passion, and wisdom equip parents to launch strong Christ followers for the next generation. As they enjoy loud family dinner nights, toy-strewn messy living rooms, and traveling and speaking to churches, parents and teens, they have found their Frontline for Him. Go HERE for information on booking them as speakers at your event.



Cherry Family

The Cherry Family
Kalyn, Adam, Hannah, Doug, Lisa, Lucas, Lilibeth, Nathan, Tara, Rebekah, Micah, Josiah, Lydia, Ryan, Ethan, Kyla, Matthew



nathan family

Nathan, Ryan, Lilibeth, Tara, Benjamin.

     Nathan and Tara Cherry

Nathan and Tara were married in August of 2007 in Carbondale, IL and have three children, Lilibeth, Ryan, and Benjamin. Nathan graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2007 and Tara graduated from Teen Mania Honor Academy in 2005 and John A Logan College in 2006. Nathan is the Associate Pastor of Victory Dream Center and Director of Reality Youth Center while Tara is Assistant Director of Reality Youth Center. They have heard the Battlecry for this generation and are in love with their Savior as they labor in the fields of ministry to young people and not so young people alike! As parents of two special needs children, they have established their young family on the immovable rock of Jesus and love to watch God perform His daily miracles.





adam family

Kalyn, Kyla and Adam Waller

Adam and Kalyn Waller

Adam and Kalyn were married on August 7, 2010. They welcomed their first child, Kyla Grace the following year. Adam, a Registered Nurse with experience in cardiac care and rehabilitation graduated from Shawnee College in 2010. He is passionate about discipleship and worship which made him a great fit into the Cherry family. (He also seems okay with noisy living room gatherings!) Kalyn, graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a degree in social work. She serves as the children’s director for Victory Dream Center and motivational speaker for Frontline Family Ministries. Together they have a passion to reach children, teens and families both nationally and internationally. Kalyn is the co-author of Kalyn’s Secret and Unmask the Predators as well as the author of My Secret Exposed. Kalyn also ministers to parents who have lost a child through her blog MommysHeavenlyDream.com. Adam and Kalyn dream to one day serve in overseas missions.




Lucas        Lucas Cherry

Lucas is co-author with Lisa of Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War and speaks across the country to young people and parents alike through conferences and church events. Lucas recently graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, where he completed his bachelors of Accounting in spring 2013. He was a member of the Cross Country and Track teams at SIUC. He is now working on his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and CPA licensing at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lucas’ mission statement is: To bring glory and honor to Christ as he succeeds in everything he puts his hand to, and to bring others closer to the Cross through his actions and speech. He has a long-term vision of working in full-time ministry and using his business experience to open doors for the gospel.  He serves on staff at Frontline Family Ministries as the production and booking manager. He is also ministry assistant at Victory Dream Center and Reality Youth Center.